Chiropractic Services 

Initial exam 


Your first visit to the office will require an initial exam that involves a complete orthopedic and neurological exam and spinal screening.  This exam will help the doctors determine the cause of your problem and whether or not digital x-rays will be necessary before treatment.

Digital X-rays


Digital X-rays, if necessary allow the doctors to assess for underlying spinal conditions with less radiation exposure than outdated plain film x-rays.


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Many adjustment techniques are used in the office based off individual cases. 

Hands on manual adjustments, utilizing gonstead and diversified techniques as well as low force, instrument and table assisted adjustments are used to meet your individual needs when coming to our office. 

Dry Needling

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Dry needling is the use of a thin solid filiform needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points, muscular and connective tissue for the management of neuro-musculoskeletal pain and movement impairments.

Treatable conditions include:


-Neck and back pain


-Plantar fasciitis 



-Lateral epicondylitis

-Shin splints and many more      conditions

Instruments used

STIM/Ultrasound Therapy


The STIM machine delivers electrical current to the body which allows for pain relief, muscle fiber recruitment, and muscle retaining. Ultrasound uses sound waves to deliver deep heat to the treated tissues. The treatments help to reduce stiffness, swelling, pain, increase circulation and promote pain-free movement.



The Arthrostim is used to draw the brains attention to an area, prompting mapping of a wider range of mechanoreceptors in the joint and soft tissue. This helps initiate changes to the body and allow the body to rebuild and heal itself, free of nerve interference. 

VIBE Plate

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The Vibe plate is a platform you stand on after your treatment to help set the adjustment. The VIBE Plate also helps with circulation, reduces joint pain, improve balance, bone density, and can contribute to more energy. 

CDL/DOT Physicals 

What is required for the physicals:

-Valid Drivers license 

-Be able to fill out recent healthy history

-List of medications and prescribing doctor

-Glasses/Contacts if worn to pass visions test

-Urine sample (taken at office) 

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